Sandy Update 6

Well, Sandy is history – here. We still have gusty winds from the NW as expected. The water has receeded more quickly than expected. It’s now back to more or less normal. Blue sky is visible but isn’t supposed to dominate for a while. The story seems to be heavy damage at the Outer Banks and some flood damage inland. We didn’t dodge a cannon ball, the cannonball dodged us. [The  marina WIFI stayed up through the whole event and now there is no Internet service, at least not for me…something must have happened upstream.]


It will be interesting to watch the departures. Offshore is no place to be right now – hurricane swells, Gulfstream going NE, wind blowing from the NW. The ICW is no place to be right now with serious flood runoff (and a full moon) and debris  and even some possible (oops there was a gust to 33 kts) channel shoaling at inlets with the shortest channels.


We have other reasons for not leaving, so the delay for nature won’t really delay us. Better to hear the reports from those who go on ahead.


It also leaves time to assess the viability of the Bahamas for wintering. Sandy hit them harder than NC (and harder than predicted). They have less resilience, and as we know, hurricanes rearrange things. I suppose I could have been following the Abaco Cruisers’ Net during all this, but a mind is a terrible thing to overload.


Think we’ll leave the boat hurricane prepped with one or two exceptions. Season isn’t over till it’s over.


Time to give our thoughts and prayers to the people Sandy is going to clobber north of here.

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