Sandy Est Absentis

Sandy is gone. What remains is huge gyre of cold air whirling from here to mid Maine. The huge purple slug of 100% probability of 34+ knots for a minute or more still tells us it will be gusty out to Saturday.

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This graphic is for Thomas Point Light (just a few miles from our summer slip in Deale). The peak gust was just short of 60 knots, but continuous tropical storm force, and higher, winds,  lasted for nearly 24 hours (marigold band). Yet, at this point, the western side of the Chesapeake has suffered less wind damage from Sandy than from the Derecho in June. In contrast, Beaufort (our nearest reporting location) experience about 12 hours of tropical storm force gusts with a max recorded of 46 knots.  The peak gust at Thomas Point was 65% stronger than this. As noted yesterday, the cannonball dodged us.

Right now, the Atlantic is quiet, from a tropical weather standpoint. Let’s hope it stays so till next year.

2 responses to “Sandy Est Absentis

  1. Glad you’re safe and sound. We were hit pretty hard here on Long Island (NY) but the boat is fine. We have no power at home and lots of trees down. We moved back to the boat today so we could have propane to cook, diesel to keep our heater going and batteries to charge our phones & computers. The boat had been scheduled for hauling but they didn’t get to it before Sandy. Now we hope to stay here for a few days (Maryanne, the optimist!) until power returns. Our best to you and Janet!

    • We are so glad to hear from you! Hopefully the weather will favor a fast recovery. Watch out for downed wires! I lost one of my troops to one. Will let Janet know. Things are a bit tense.

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