Instant Grits

I like grits. Instant Grits work in a pinch.
They work better if one uses chicken, beef or vegetable broth instead of water (use 10% less than called for). They work best when one adds a bit of Colby-Jack shredded cheese.
Grits do not need  cream and neither do I. (Hear that Charleston?)
If pork is on your approved list, (real) bacon pieces sold as salad garnish are icing on the gritty cake.
This dietary misbehavior can be managed underway with a thermos of hot liquid and a deep bowl.
I would have taken a picture, but I ate them all. I feel no guilt.

Once can souffle grits by separating an egg per 1/2 to 3/4 cup of grits. Mix the yolk with the grits after they have rehydrated with room temperature liquid (the yolk interferes with rehydration). Whip the white until you have stiff peaks. About 8 minutes of wrist action per egg. Fold the whipped whites into the rehydrated grits with a rubber spatula. Microwave on high until a knife in the center comes out clean (~3 minutes in a dorm room sized microwave) Put under broiler if browning is essential. Or carefully hit ’em with a torch — souffle grits brulee?

4 responses to “Instant Grits

  1. Jean Preston

    Must be a slow day on the water….love grits…..

  2. George Trevino

    Yummy! Mom

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