Weather or Not

Well,  it looks like a winter pattern is settling in early. From the weather graphic one can see the next wet (dark blobs are rain) and windy Low working its way up the Jet Stream along the coast. Being under (or just north of) a Jet Stream at this time of year is like standing between the shoulder and the median of a weather super highway. Run Forrest!

This little Low may actually produce barometric pressures and winds comparable to what Sandy delivered in this area, but without the tidal effects and not as far inshore — it’s much faster and smaller. Lows tracking like this are the winter weather metronome of the Hatteras to Canaveral coastline.

Because of their rotation, they tend to pull chilly (OK, cold)  Canadian continental air south. It has barely reached sixty since Sandy passed. The few times it did, were during periods of late day calm. The forecast is for cooler still, when the approaching Low pulls in more Canadian air.

It looks like breezy mid 50s for the week, with rain tomorrow and beyond. Said another way, the highs predicted are around the mean lowest highs experienced this time of year.

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