Furlex 200, A Happy Addition

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With the Furlex 200 now installed, we’re quite pleased with the arrangement. Rob at Hartge Yacht Yard does very good work.

Having set the staysail twice now, There’s one issue to be resolved, but we need strong breezes before we can assess the solution. Because the staysail trims to a straight cross-deck track rather than a self-tending boom, we aren’t yet convinced we have the sheet lead right. The best solution is a big job — curving and arcing the track ala the Volvo Ocean Race boats.

Ideally, the track would sweep an arc centered on the inner forestay and aligned with the sail bisector (the imaginary line between clew and stay that splits the sail 50-50). The high cost of any mods to this hardware means we might have to recut the sail to put more hollow in the upper leech instead. And we may just live with it. As said, we need a strong breeze to assess the issue. This is an item we’ll likely experiment with in the Bahamas.

2 responses to “Furlex 200, A Happy Addition

  1. Frank via Sassy

    I’m thinking about adding a Furlex 200 to inner forestay. I know you have one and would like your advice. Where do you run your furling line? I believe you have it attached to the handhold on the deck? Is the furler removable?
    Frank on Sassy

    • Frank, I’ll send you some pics. Doru Stefanescu on 40LRC “Transylvania” is slipped behind us, and we have been the model installation for his new furler. May be I should charge…

      Yes, the furling line runs along the hand rail to a point. And yes it is removable. Hanked on sail did not have to be recut for luff length.


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