The Big Hill

ElCerroGrandeIn Spanish, that’s El Cerro Grande. It’s in New Bern, NC near the intersection of 17 and 70. It is good. We stopped here returning from Texas. Did I say it was good?

Just inside the door they had the clothing of a peon about 6 years old. Clothing like I wore during Charro Days in the Rio Grenade Valley when I was a younger child than I am today. The music was Mexican! The Cerveza was cold, cold (like the weather this morning after weeks in a prolonged Texas autumn).

The menu was extensive — 8 pages. The food was excellent. Served hot and precisely to order. I had huevos con chorizo and a chicken tamal. Perfecto! [Although a blue corn and smoked duck tamal I had at Epazote (closed now) in Del Mar, CA pretty much ruined me for tamales regulares.]

The tostadas were crisp; the salsa excellent; the guacamole tomato-free.

Give it a try when visiting New Bern. Four Stars at lunch.

One response to “The Big Hill

  1. Makes us hungry for such. Fond memories of Charro Days and the peon clothes.

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