Don’t Judge a Restaurant by its Corrugations

Silos by night
When I first drove by The Silos, I sincerely thought it was a farm supply store. We are surrounded here by cotton and other crops, so it seemed reasonable. Then we found out more in the midst of all the Christmas hoo-hah. We called to make reservations and oops, closed Sunday and Monday. We ended up going with Marsha and Joe Tuesday night in the rain. As we drove out toward Marsha’s much customized and personalized Nautical Cottage, The Silos’ parking lot made it clear reservations were not necessary (and hinted the recommendation might have been one of those “best of a bad lot” types).

When we drove back two hours later, we went in two cars and got the last two parking places. The joint was jumpin‘. We’re talking friendly, funky, and scrumptious.

The decor is unreconstructed grain silo. The inner walls are the backs of the outer walls (visually, at least). The decor is music focused, the seating is kitchenette four tops with linoleum and vinyl. “Vinyl,” the musical kind, lines quite a few square feet of wall, and guitars of various stripes hover overhead like musical angels waiting in the unfinished rafters. And even more than half full, it was quiet enough to have a non-shouting conversation…about sailboats and the racing of them. This is a post-race hangout and one heck of a pizzeria+++! [We’ll have to come back to try some of the other items.]

We arrived on “free cheese pizza with each specialty pizza” night. So, we went home with breakfast and lunch. Our specialty pizza was heavily garnished with the items we wanted and thin, thin, thin with limited sauce and cheese — just the way we like it. It was a 12 inch pizza with every square inch baked to perfection (stone oven). The Cesar salad was OK, but we are really hard on Cesar salads, and few stand up to our reviews. [Here in Oriental, the best we had was at “Trawl Door.” I would go back for one garnished with shrimp.]

The bar has 16 micro-brews on tap. I had a dark, half wheat called “Shock Top ShockTopEnd Of The World Midnight Wheat” which I thought was excellent until I discovered the micro-brewery was Anheuser-Busch, Inc. —  about as micro as Microsoft. So excellent dropped to good.

We would definitely come back to The Silos, and we’re are beginning to feel a bit more than visitors here, thanks to the welcoming people of Oriental, especially Marsha and Joe.

2 responses to “Don’t Judge a Restaurant by its Corrugations

  1. moondance38

    We really liked the Silo pizza too!

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