Dengue Fever in Key West

klaxonstrongMy uncle had dengue fever in New Guinea during WWII. He told me about it once. I was 8-9 at the time, so it sounded really bad… Then I studied microbiology in college, and it didn’t just sound bad. For those of us who cruise the territory in question, screens and repellents are an even bigger deal. There is no immunization.

At the annual meeting of the American Society of Tropical MedicinAedes aegyptie and Hygiene last month, researchers from the University of Florida revealed that dengue has reappeared in Key West, Fla. The virus they found was not a one-time visitor imported by a tourist or a stray mosquito; it has been on the island long enough to become a genetically distinct, local strain.”

One response to “Dengue Fever in Key West

  1. Holly was very sick with dengue fever when he was stationed in New Guinea in WW II. Left-over affects lasted with him for years.

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