Cutting Up on News Year’s Eve

Shop Boss

Shop Boss Snips

Stowing stuff for long distance cruising on a 40 foot boat is a challenge from the outset. Stowing the trash is aggravated by the packaging that accompanies much of the stuff we bring aboard. Even after leaving all but the hermetic packaging behind (Boxes, bags, label wraps, etc^3), there is still a bunch of stuff that has to be retained for periodic disposal.

I bought the snips shown above for less than $10 at the temple of “W” because I didn’t want to use my sewing scissors on some of the the materials required in boat tailoring. (I think that price was definitely a loss leader.)

These light but tough Fiskars Shop Boss Snips (sheath includes pencil holder, and sharpening rod) now see much duty cutting up empty aluminum cans and plastic of all varieties. Using them has allowed us to reduce waste volume (if not weight) buy 20% at least. No small thing. Available from Amazon for ~$18 Fiskars Shop Boss Snips

2 responses to “Cutting Up on News Year’s Eve

  1. Jean Preston

    Happy New Year Janet & Chris!!!

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