Everyone Knows It’s Wending

From the Cooper River behind Dafuskie Island to the Cumberland Dividings north of St Mary’s, the ICW is at its screwiest, excuse me, windiest. Here, too, tides range from six to nine feet depending on moon phase, and channel maintenance appears the most optional. Through this area there are five bridges between mainland and sea islands.


To fetch Fields Cut at the Savannah River at half tide rising, we left Bull Creek at 1230 and anchored in the Herb River at 1500.


Yesterday, we left the Herb (for current purposes) at 1215 and anchored in the Vernon River at 1430.


We are now staged (red arrow is us) to go through Hell Gate at half tide rising today at 1600. This means leaving at 1500 and anchoring an hour beyond the Gate.

And so it goes. Sometimes currents run two to three knots – with and against. The next staging will be to get through Creighton Narrows on a rising tide so we can get past Little Mud River near high the next morning.

That’s why they call it wending ones way.

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2 responses to “Everyone Knows It’s Wending

  1. moondance38

    It is a beautiful, but winding stretch!

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