Wardrobe Malfunction

Well, that got your attention!

HSBActually it is a laptop keyboard malfunction, maybe. The tilde, 5, 6, +, -, del and cntrl keys just stopped working. I didn’t discover it until I had messed up some ledgers and spreadsheets.

The key feel is no different. The on-screen, virtual keyboard works fine. My backup USB keyboard and USB number pad work fine.

I run Windows 7 and update regularly. Windows 7 had early problems with PS/2 keyboards. I thought perhaps an update had undone the fix they came up with. This happened the day after an update so I rolled it back. Nada!

I tried updating the driver, but the original driver has never been updated. I reloaded the driver and…Nada.

The computer scans as being malware free.

I bought a new computer (from my smartphone–oh, what a world) yesterday evening (@1910) and paid an extra $4 to have it delivered this morning. Delivery was confirmed at @1010.

I’d still like to use this one as a backup.

Any ideas? The support forums have been useless. [“Save your files and reinstall Windows.” People actually get paid for that kind of advice!]

4 responses to “Wardrobe Malfunction

  1. Lena Meck - Discovery

    What Kind of computer did you buy????

    • Hi, Lena, hope all is well for you two.
      It’s a Dell Inspiron. 2.4GHz, 6GB RAM, 750GB storage. HD screen. W7-64bit. Less than $500. Ordered at 7pm arrived 10am next day. Old machine will become weather and AIS server. C

      • Lena Meck - Discovery

        would love to get one.
        where did you find it?
        have to stay in SLC nursing torn ACL and meniscus. Lots of rehab. Hope to get back to jacksonville in march.

      • Ouch! Understand physical therapy.
        Dell i15r 1633sLV from Amazon.

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