Living (at) Large

Matanzas River Sunset

Matanzas River Sunset

As of a few days ago, we have peregrinated over 10000 miles on Brilliant Star since June 2005. So, as front and back yards go, we have pretty big digs. Then again, we live in the space of three walk-in closets. As dorm rooms go, this is about 1.2. We are always looking for stuff to get rid of (especially as new stuff finds its way aboard).

In Jacksonville Beach, we added a new WIFI capability – I tested it yesterday. It pulled in three times the number of sites as our in-use system. The signals were 2-3 times stronger. This bodes well for the Bahamas. Now I have to buy a router that runs on USB – 12v and 110v are power hogs for 1.2 dorm rooms! [When I was in college, a router was a tool for wood working or person who did transport scheduling.] And I have to find a home for the old WIFI gear…except it would be a good back up….nope, got to let go of that kind of thinking.

We also added satellite radio. It is amazing how few places along the way provide non-stop classical music. Another set of wires… No wait, we got a unit we can travel with away from the boat, so now we drape wires across fans and bookshelves – it really is starting to look like a dorm. Right now baroque mandolin accompanies the clicks of a properly functioning keyboard. 🙂

And we added satellite weather known as WXWorx. Last year, we could have avoided a solid pasting from a Derecho off Altamaha Sound had we had this service. These wires did have to be snaked through the tight spaces to the nav station – amazing how some jobs make an oil change on a hot day seem like fun.

But now we can see what is barreling down on us – I guess. The US weather picture is so calm right now, watching the weather display is like watching (expensive) paint dry.

But the weather has been good for making haste slowly. We have been testing new anchorages and have added three to our list. We have been making shorter runs that leave us feeling relaxed at the end of the day and leave time for non-boat stuff – Angry Birds, reading, writing, ‘rithmatic – and cooking!

Deconstructed Shrimp Po’boys with boiled sweet potatoesIMG_6285

Naan Pizzas (Feta, mozzarella, prosciutto, shallots, olives, red onions)IMG_6353

Spaghetti Pie – thank you, “Create TV” on PBSIMG_6419

Stuffed Peppers made with sirloin and Tabouleh – a new standard, must try with ground lamb

Fresh boat grown scallions (cut them off, put them in refreshed water daily)IMG_6481

Squash Sausage Boats

Chipped beef on pan toasted ciabatta with fresh (boat grown) basil

Scratch made Mac&Cheese

Smoked trout with dilled Bliss potatoes (oom pah)

Hoppin’ John

And the ‘Eat goes on.

2 responses to “Living (at) Large

  1. Jean Preston

    What time did you say the buffet was going to be served….we’ll bring the wine! Miss you guys!

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