Jerking Our Chain

One of the things about cruising is life swings between some grime and the meticulous. Those swings can come like a pugilist’s blows, and they can loop around you languidly like the Blue Danube Waltz. Yesterday it was about piles of muddy chain, and today (as the pre-frontal wind gusted over 30 and the new anchor didn’t budge) it was checking out four satellite communication devices with corrupted account information.

VlinerNew galvanized chain is rough. The inside of the anchor locker is V-shaped and rough. The chain jams in the v-groove. Before cruising full time, we carried 125 feet of chain. Lining the “V” with heavy plastic sheet solved the problem. [lower half colorized green]

UlinerNow we carry 180 feet and the plastic has gotten rough. So we changed the “V” into an approximate “U” by bridging the “V” with a flat sheet of smooth plastic. [colorized blue] This was better but not great. I still had to repeatedly jab at the chain with a boat hook.

FlipperThen the aha hit. I laid another flat sheet on top of that one — hinged only at the top with cable ties. To that I attached a yoke I can pull on, not jab at. [colorized red] Now, as the windlass recovers the chain I can give intermittent pulls that flip the chain to the bottom of the pile to start yet another pile. Problem permanently solved! I love cable ties (except when they slash me).


Tonight’s Backyard

As to the satellite devices — when one calls a provider with whom one has multiple accounts, MAKE SURE you agree on which account they are modifying before they modify it. It never occurred to me the sub-brands would have access to all the accounts. OY.  Fixed now.

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