OBB2GSCWe plan to depart at ~0700 from West End tomorrow (OBB), bound for Great Sale Cay (GSC) on The Little Bahama Bank via Memory Rock (MEM). Though we may stop short at Mangrove (MNG) if the wind doesn’t support the longer reach to GSC.

With the first 15 nm in the edge of Gulf Stream, it’s about a 10 hour trip. The weather and sea state predictions are for moderating winds clocking from southeast through to northwest 0700 to 0700.

This marina, though pricey, has been a good, safe place to let the cold front and the associated thunder, winds, and swell move out.

The next post will depend on when we reach the embrace of an open WiFi signal. [Unless I can figure out how to do it by satphone.][Nope can’t do that.]

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