Silence is Molten

deckgenSilence is like quicksilver. It flows away at the slightest provocation. Cheap household air-cooled generators placed on the transom or bow and run for hours on end are such a provocation.* Particularly annoying are those that are fired up and then the boater leaves and goes ashore [hey, Dude, they can and do catch fire…] leaving us to listen to the pressure washer on standby rakatarakatarakata

PrizeWe don’t need a prize for going to Mars. We need a prize for an inexpensive  sound enclosure for these annoying little beasts. Something like a bottomless soft cooler with baffles?

blatterAs for their annoying users, consideration of others no longer seems to be in the social vocabulary these days. Two days ago, a woman here went to the bow of her boat anchored down wind, down noise, down exhaust of a catamaran using one of these blatters and politely asked how much longer they would be running it. The boater and his female companion were incensed that she even asked and loudly derided her to another boat as they later went ashore (after shutting it down).

*We once listened to one of these on the moorings in Annapolis for four hours. When the owner came out and shut it off, spontaneous applause, cheering and honking of horns rang out across the 20 or so boats moored there.

2 responses to “Silence is Molten

  1. moondance38

    Even if they have to run a generator, they could at least be apologetic! We were next to one in Staniel Cay that ran all day with no one aboard.

    • “Me Generation” I guess…
      Seems to me something as simple as three floating cushions tied together to shield the sides and back would help a lot. Need an air gap so they don’t overheat and shut down…
      OK, where are you guys, still in Hook and Loop, FL?

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