Wildfire Upwind, the Weather is…

This morning dawned gray. But it was the gray of smoke — blown our way from the southwest by winds gusting 35+ It smells of burning scrub rather than rubbish. There is carbonized ash (HOT fire type) all over everything. Where it lands, static electricity and/or salt makes it stick. We thought we left this in California!

The weather here has caught folk’s attention, Bahamian and visitor alike. With a spike in 2007, it has been cooler and dryer here over the last five years (from 1 Nov to 24 Mar each year). The average winds are about 2% slower, and only 2.5% gustier (2012 vs average). [Keep in mind the force of the wind varies as the square of the speed — a 10 mph breeze is 4 times as forceful as a 5 mph one. This means that the perception of windiness derives from the ratio of the gust squared divided by the average wind speed squared.] The data is presented below. Click on any chart to get the gallery.

4 responses to “Wildfire Upwind, the Weather is…

  1. moondance38

    There was a huge brush fire on Grand Bahama island 2 years ago when we were there. It displaced a lot of the wild horses. You could see the orange glow from Great Guana at night.

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