Virtual Buddy Boat.2

Remember this picture?hoptwn2

Well, Tuesday we followed the breadcrumbs left by the “52 foot” sailboat (actually we looked it up via the FCC License System — it is 49 feet and 5.5 ft draft). At 2/3 tide rising we never saw less than 6.8 feet on this route. It wasn’t quite the route shown by Explorer Charts, nor the one described by Dodge, but we were happy. This one is a keeper.

Would we do it again — the VBB? Good weather, good water visibility, minimal hazards, probably, as long as we can validate the VBB draft as equal or greater than ours. Between the USCG documentation site (via NOAA) and the FCC license system, this isn’t that hard for U.S. boats.

Our arrival at Hope Town Inn and Marina was well assisted by Sam, the dockmaster. Linda, Aaron, and Casandra were also tops. Lunch there was good. The ambiance here is different. It is definitely a resort and that’s OK.  To top it off there are no loud trucks, motorcycles, or boom box cars here.

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