Rainy Day in Hope Town

RainyDay at HE

Harbour’s Edge Restaurant & Bar
Clay & Lisa Wilhoyte
Hope Town, Abaco
Ph: 242-366-0087 or 242-366-0292

Today we had a nor’easter. Something of a surprise. The rain went between drizzle and squall with a tease of clear sky. Sherman took us over on the pontoon shuttle to Harbour’s Edge Restaurant, where I had the best cooked fish in two seasons in the Abacos. The chef respected the fish. Mahi-Mahi can be ruined in a matter of seconds, and I’ve had some on one of the other islands that was nigh on to jerky. This had been removed from the grill at that magic moment when residual heat will take the meat from medium-rare to medium. The plate also delivered more than the menu said. I expected fish, peas and rice. I got that plus cole slaw and fried plantains that were as perfect as the fish. Janet’s appetizer had almost as much fish as my dinner. The service was excellent, and when I told our server how I felt about the  fish, she brought out the lady who cooked it for my applause.

The place was also very neat and very clean, especially the restrooms.

The rain plus the approaching end of season had things a bit subdued, but that suited us fine. And of course, the sun came out the instant we got back to the boat. By this evening it was on the bare edge of perfect.

We really like it here.

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