Snorkelin’, Eatin’ and Meanderin’

We tried to go out snorkeling  last week, and for a week the winds have made the reefs off Guana undiveable. The best dive operators have either been cleaning gear or taking folks sightseeing. Finally, today we made it out to Fowl Cays National Park. It was us, two SCUBA divers and the Guide and Captain from Froggies.

When we arrived the swell had gone, but there was an annoying little chop. We dove on Tombstone Reef, and are glad we did. We have seen more populous reefs and more colorful, but it was just nice to be diving again among barracuda, rays, turtles, tangs, surgeon fish, French grunt, etc, etc, etc… we are very happy with our new gear, though the new masks are so new they are still hard to anti-fog.

We followed up with an excellent lunch at Nippers where we ran into folks we had shared the dock with in Marsh Harbour. It was sad walking past Pirates Cove, knowing Co-Owner Jerry had passed away there while closing up on Easter. It appears his wife, Chorene, is going to keep the place going.  From there, we growled over to Man-O-War on Froggies’ Cuban built dive boat.

2 responses to “Snorkelin’, Eatin’ and Meanderin’

  1. Now I’m Jealous! Marilyn

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