Post 600

phobooThis is our 600th post since November of 2008. We have wandered among sailing, cruising, engineering, essay, correspondence, food and odds and ends. Whatever benefits we may have delivered, we have accrued more. We’ve written about highs and lows — more of the former by far. The full time cruising lifestyle has much to offer. In many aspects it is just life afloat. But there are unique aspects, good and bad.

Just a few

  • The house next door never left it’s foundation and hit us.
  • Our yard was never a crystal clear aquarium.
  • The people who supplied goods and services never treated us like hobos.
  • The sun never came up on a different side of the house four days in a row.
  • The closets were all in the same building; all in the same state.
  • We had two cars in one garage off the kitchen, now we have one car 1000 miles away.
  • The kitchen floor was far larger than a British Phone Booth.
  • The first thing we said in the morning was not, “What day is it?”
  • We knew where to go to get propane, but seldom needed it.
  • Trash (tons of it) was miraculously whisked away, not tucked in the shower stall until we could find a legal disposal site.
  • We never realized how bad ethanol laden gasoline was for everyone other than the corn lobby.
  • We shoveled snow instead of rinsing off seawater after a dive.

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