Ah, Calm

29 April 2013, Crab Cay

By late yesterday, we were ready to MOVE! Think of a game of blanket toss controlled by people angry with one another and refusing to synchronize. The wind, indeed went more southerly, and while Janet still managed to create an excellent meatloaf in the pressure cooker, but it was a bit of a circus. This morning we broad reached away from Powell Cay at 1000 to make sure we arrived at Crab Cay at high tide. We made it quickly in 22kts of wind from behind our left shoulders. We motored in slowly and were pleased to find depths that would allow us to leave on any tide. They didn’t quite match the chart, but that’s not uncommon here. Before we come back, we are going to cache all the Google Earth images we can as they are much newer than the charts and while they contain no depth data, they do show bottom contour information. Even though it’s blowing more than half a gale, this place is comfortable. Only the Batelco tower and a rare passing vehicle on the highway near it (and the abandoned back-hoe) hint of humans.

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