30 April 2013, Crab Cay

We got our first rain in quite a while. It was a blow-out squall from a distant downpour. The wind might have gotten to 20 kts for a few minutes, but it really was short-lived. All but sprinkles missed us. Some hot stuff fired up over Florida, but it lost energy well before reaching this part of the Bahamas. The winds at 15-18000 feet are pretty much from the due west, so each day the trof to the north of us is in place, we expect to see this kind of thing. During a sunny spell, I took some time to add chafing gear to the lifeline turnbuckles where the genoa sheets have a tendency to rub.

By sunset the sky looked a bit shredded but stormless. The air went light and warm for a bit, then the cooling trade winds returned. Lying there watching the stars out the open hatch, we heard the first few drops of rain like someone dropping M&Ms on the canvas hatch cover. We got the hatches battened. It rained hard enough and long enough to clean off most the salt and to send us off to sleep.

Lentil soup and fresh baked cornbread for dinner.

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