Staging for Departure

3 May 2013, Spanish Cay

Today was one band after another of showers. Fortunately, this system is raining out and moving north before taking on tropical character. Looks like we might have a good, albeit narrow, window between 9-10 May for motor sailing back to Florida, but 6-7 days out is “long range” forecasting here (heck, two days out is), this time of year. Westerlies are supposed to kick in right through the best window for currents at Fort Pierce… We’ll see

2 May 2013, Spanish Cay

Radar is full of red and yellow and a little bit of green. It’s wheeling our way. We left the Crab Cay anchorage after the first band of rain blew through. It looked like we would have four hours before the next one, and it worked out. Out of the anchorage, the current and wind were on the nose with swell coming down from between the reefs facing the Atlantic — enough to knock our speed down by 20%. We arrived at Spanish Cay Marina in early afternoon and caught up with Anita, the manager with Aggie kids. Hurricane is a puppy no more and weighs 60 very spoiled, very lean pounds. But we arrived after the sport fishing slip rates kicked in so we won’t be here long. Dinner of cracked conch and grouper at the marina restaurant was good as was some of the humor, and the evening was one band of heavy showers after the next. Made for good sleeping.

1 May 2013, Crab Cay


Anchor shank is all that shows

I’m sure someone is marching somewhere and a few may be winding a Maypole. Here we are watching refracted light from ripples marching and winding across the bottom eight feet below us. Its pace matches the music we have on. The breeze is in the 3kt or less range. We swung across our anchor rode and the anchor went under our stern. Winds this light let the marsh flies (3/4 inch bodies) find us, so the tennis racket zapper is in play once more.

It’s just us again. The boat that anchored here last night was nine miles distant when we got up. It seems for most folks, this is a road-side turnout. We like it better than some of the “name” anchorages. The hub here has no bub.

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