With Skip and Harriet at Sake-Sushi. There was no room on the table for elbows when the excellent  meal was served!

With Skip and Harriet at Sake-Sushi. There was no room on the table for elbows when the excellent meal was served!

We pulled out of Vero Beach on Tuesday after a great sushi and Thai dinner with friends Harriet and Skip Hardy. They are gracious, fun people. It is people like them that make cruising a grand experience.

We went very few miles north to our secret 😉 anchorage where we wrapped our minds around what it was going to take to time our trip north to Brunswick given tides, currents and insurance company demands.

Two days later we were at Cocoa Village. We had dining plans (Thai and sushi again) that we set aside in favor of ingredients calling to us from the supply lockers. Chicken with red wine and balsamic vinegar and bow tie pasta and zucchini, vegetarian Greek pizza and several delicious snacks (try olive tapenade mixed with tuna for a spread).

Today, we left at 1130 and sailed up to north of the NASA Causeway and anchored in one of the dredging holes from when the causeway was installed when the country still sought to be a leader in Space. The weather continued to be gorgeous, and the sea breeze pop-up rain showers stayed well to the east and west.

A few other boats joined us and didn’t snuggle close when they anchored. Now a 12 knot breeze is cooling us as we watch Oxbow* win the Preakness — while a B-25 Mitchell bomber shoots touch and gos to our west.

Tomorrow, there’s an obstruction in New Smyrna we want to have high tide to clear, so that may keep us from sailing as much as we have since entering Fort Pierce (almost 100%).

Beyond New Smyrna things are pretty straight forward until the hazards in the Sawpit, the Amelia and Crooked Rivers as well as Jekyll Creek. High tides favor going inside from Jacksonville Beach to Brunswick. Currents only favor going offshore from the St. Johns to St. Mary’s. We shall see what we shall see.

We’re not ready for this cruise to end. We aren’t ready for harbornating in Brunswick, but the meteorological calendar (and the insurance company) says it is time.

*Oxbow is also the name of Janet’s sister’s and her husband’s ranch in East Texas on the Neches River. It’s a winner, too.

2 responses to “Smorgasblog

  1. moondance38

    Aw, shucks! We enjoyed spending time with you and hope you can come back to visit us this summer. Safe travels!

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