When a Plan Comes Together, Brunswick, Georgia, 31 May

We pulled into Brunswick Landing Marina yesterday. We are now compliant with our insurance company’s dictates. Fortunately this marina is a quality place to be, and Brunswick and St. Simon’s, and Jekyll Islands offer goods and services and recreation opportunities that make it an easy place to be. Unfortunately, the hydrology here doesn’t favor day sails all that much — currents in and around the harbor run 1-3 knots most of the day. We’ll see. We are going to look for  kayaking spots within an easy drive.

We anchored off Little Cumberland Island the night before so we could have a favorable tide to run through Jekyll Creek (another spot now impassable at low tide). The run up to the anchorage from Fernandina was quite breezy and the flood tide was honking. We made our shallow section at Crooked River a bit earlier than planned and watched the depth sounder tick down like a stopwatch. It ticked fast but it didn’t go lower than 8 feet, but that was with 3 feet of tide.

So now we settle* into waiting out hurricane season.

We are slipped roughly where the yellow arrow is above.

*So far we have a must do every month from now to December, and the to do list covers a full notebook page so settle is probably not the right word.”

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