Beep, Beep, Woo, Woo, Meep, Meep, Waaaah, Whaaaah…

Guard Bird

This young Mockingbird has imprinted on a car alarm. Any time anyone approaches the dock behind this lamp post, he flies from the shade of the tree to the top of the light and lets go with a very recognizable car alarm.

We just returned from a speed trip to the Chesapeake area. It started with renting a car here in Brunswick during the wettest hours of Tropical Storm Andrea. We used that car to drive in beautiful weather the next day to Jacksonville Airport to rent a car we could drive one way to Baltimore-Washington International. Then we returned the car we had rented in Brunswick.

cbbtThe next day we drove in excellent weather to Elizabeth City for a fly-by visit and dinner with friends Paul and Joyce. (We usually use their dock, not one of their beautifully decorated rooms.) The next day offered more beautiful weather for our drive across the Bay Bridge Tunnel complex and up the Eastern Shore to Kent Island where we had dinner with friends Anne-Marie and Mal at Kentmoor (the crab was good).

The next morning we went to the storage unit to pick up our car. The battery was dead. It was sooooo dead. We jumped it in the rain and crossed the Bay Bridge in a downpour that was just three or four drops shy of wait and cross later — except it hit when we were at the high point in the main truss. We left the car with an Annapolis AAA shop we had good experience with last year and went to Andrews AFB for some military business. Back in Annapolis we found out the car would take an extra day and a large chunk of change. Considering almost all the repairs were consumables or fair wear and tear, the big bucks were just a lot of smaller costs coming at the same time.

We managed to cram in a Dr appointment, retrieving the car, returning the rental car, two dental appointments, a major storm which split and went two miles north and south of us and another Dr appointment before hitting the road for points south. Both travel segments were in beautiful weather.

As jammed as this all seems it as actually not that bad. We did a back-road detour to avoid major highway maintenance and another to miss a major Washington Beltway mess (a burning SUV at our desired exit backing up traffic six miles). Unfortunately we couldn’t avoid the mess south of the Beltway on Friday, and we crawled for nearly 60 miles.

Traveling by boat teaches one patience, but it doesn’t do much for how to handle the folks on the Interstate who think they are on a NASCAR track with the skills to handle it.

Now it’s time to tackle the boat  jobs list.

2 responses to “Beep, Beep, Woo, Woo, Meep, Meep, Waaaah, Whaaaah…

  1. Yep, Brunswick till insurance company says we can head south. Thinking about wending through the Abacos to the Exumas in December returning to US in April. See ya.

  2. Chuck Gleason

    How nice for you visit Joyce and Paul! We’ve been following your return to the States. Will you stay in the Brunswick area until the Fall? Chuck plans to bring Symphony south in October(with friends as crew), leave her there, and then return home. We’ll both return to the boat after the holidays and head for the Bahamas in Jan. How about you folks? — Maryanne & Chuck

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