Super Moon, Super Tide


On Sunday, the Moon will come its closest to Earth for 2013. At the practical  level this will coincide with the full Moon (Moon opposite Sun), so the tides will be significantly higher and lower. The inertia of the waters will cause them to lag the actual event by a few hours, and their momentum will keep them extreme for several days following. Currents will be similarly stronger and for longer. We will take pictures as the thundery weather allows. The marsh grasses should pretty much disappear from view leaving the area looking like an offshore island. It’s not the Bay of Fundy, but it should be visually interesting.

On a side note, yesterday while in Jacksonville Beach, we found out that La Nopalera’s Carnitas (also served shredded in Burrito Pansones) are braised in lime juice and Negro Modelo beer. Ay, Caramaba, tan delicioso!

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