Drip a little, Chip a little…

Green is Dewpoint

Green is Dew Point

Drip a little, chip a little, drip a little, chip a little, / Sweat, Sweat, Sweat,/ Drip a lot, chip a little more… (apologies to Meredeth Wilson).

We have lived under the influence of high humidity most of our lives  Only West Texas and New Mexico were what folks called a “dry heat.” And I remember, fondly, running six miles a day at lunch in the damp embrace of Northwest Florida.

Here in Brunswick, at the marina, that damp embrace has been a wet sloppy bear hug pretty much since June 1st. There have been occasional breaks, but they have been brief and of the, “oops, missed it,” variety.

It usually takes only about 15 minutes of light work to leave me drenched with sweat and my clothes dripping. It was drier when we were in Panama…

So we are chipping away at the to do list. One job a day, done slowly. Starting early isn’t much help because, surrounded by tidewater as we are, the moisture is there to greet us when we step up into the cockpit. Dew Points have been rock steady at 72-75 F for weeks (minus two days) — we have been on the bare edge of fog every night. By mid-morning, we have temps in the high 80’s and heat indexes in the 90’s. By afternoon heat indexes above 100 are common.

By mid-afternoon we have a wall of threatening cumulo-nimbus to the west that may or may not drift over us around sunset. Today they started before noon and lasted well into the evening.

The sea breeze we expected to blow up from Jekyll and Cumberland each day has yet to materialize. The SWly we get instead (when we have any breeze) comes up from the Gulf of Mexico (just 180 miles upwind) and is distinctly lacking in its inability to evaporate moisture laden as it is with its own.

The people who colonized this place were TOUGH. (Well, the sweaty survivors…)

2 responses to “Drip a little, Chip a little…

  1. moondance38

    Drink a lot!

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