Bottom Coating Miracle?

Pipe0003Pipe002That title should get a few hits.

This two foot dia. pipe has been here a while. (You can see the sunburn.) It is completely submerged at high tide. The rocks surrounding it are coated with algae, oysters, and barnacles among other foul flora and wee beasties. The pipe is absolutely clean. Why is that? Can we bottle it and put it on boat hulls?

2 responses to “Bottom Coating Miracle?

  1. davidernestbell

    There is a good chance that it is HDPE. A quick check of the internet reveals that .031″ thickness HDPE is about $30 for a 4′ x 8′ sheet and there are ways of bonding HDPE to fiberglass (and other materials). I suspect there is an interesting learning curve in developing such a process.

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