Taking Stock


Fireworks over Star Gazer

Day before yesterday we had a marina party in celebration of the 4th. A good breeze kept it cool, and we had lots of shade. It was pleasant to be outdoors for a change.

The food we paid for was tasty. The potlucks brought by folks were various and delicious. The music was just right in genre and volume — one could carry on a conversation. And it was the conversations that were the appetizers and desserts.

It was a bit tribal. Dock denizens tended to sit with other denizens of the same dock. Visitors filled in the gaps. But the stories and notes compared were remarkably similar. We are a moveable community. We may have cut daily ties with corporate America. We may be in second (or more) childhoods. Some of us may pinch pennies and others may not find that necessary.

But everyone’s head has to be rebuilt. We’ve all found the bottom with keel or skeg. We’ve all had to change the oil in a hot engine. We’ve all had to figure out where to buy groceries. Time and tide wait for none of us — afloat or in life. We’ve all found ourselves asking, “are we having fun yet?” In fact, in many ways, we have more in common with our fellow cruisers than we had with our fellow dirt dwellers. Certainly we seem to have more to talk about than our miserable commutes. There are a few of us who haven’t decelerated yet. You can tell. They have the fidgets. There are a few who have to fight off developing tendrils back to land.

HeartBut all told, it felt like a small town picnic.

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