Refried French Fries

friesNo! This isn’t like fried ice cream, fried candy bars, or fried butter, ugh!

We don’t go out as often as we used to. And when we do it’s for things we aren’t all that likely to fix for ourselves — the occasional hamburger, fried fish, shrimp, sushi*, etc. Usually, and especially here in the South, they come with french fries — lots of them.

We don’t go to the places where the fries are extrusions of potato mush with faux cut ends. We like our fries to have the skins on, or to come with curves here and there that suggest unprocessed potatoes were used. BUT THEY ALWAYS SERVE MORE THAN WE WANT, at that meal at least. We usually leave those places with a box of those cooling little artery hardeners.

Now cold french fries are not good; neither are nuked ones. But wait! There is a solution!

Janet discovered they dice nicely and evenly and sauteed in olive oil with onions and finely chopped real deli meat (not prepacked sandwich stuff — too much water) and our favorite spices, they make great Hash. She makes sure the potatoes brown, the onions begin to caramelize, and the meat crisps on its edges. She garnishes with parsley when we have it.

It isn’t an everyday or even every week thing, but when we walk away from a fry serving restaurant with a little box, I know there’s another good brunch coming before long.

*We actually watched a Chef(?) deconstruct nigiri sushi and toss the fish in a hot saute pan — turning sushi into jerky in seconds. He got Chopped!

5 responses to “Refried French Fries

  1. Yum!

  2. moondance38

    Hah, saw that episode of Chopped. He was toast! I’m addicted to that show!

    • Us too, we sit there and decide what we would do.
      For that one, I was going to take a couple of (brulee) torch passes on each side of the fish strips and then do a savory fish Napoleon with quick roasted kohlrabi slices (real thin off the mandolin) in the place of pastry and serve it with a bacon bit, watermelon rind, lemon zest, pine nut chutney.

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