CannonballThe water here in the marina varies between well brewed tea and beef broth in need of a sieve. Visibility can vary between a foot and three feet depending on the state of the tide and whether it has rained (somewhere else — we seem to sit in a no rain zone about a mile in diameter).

Several species of fish and blue crabs are feeding near the banks pretty much at all states of tide. We’ve seen a crab or two on the dock floats, but otherwise it’s been mostly windblown tidal scum from the marshes and industry.

Until this week, when a new crop of Cannonball Jellyfish arrived. Ranging in size from ping-pong ball to about twice that, these are not your languid, spa music jellyfish. These little pulsating speedsters don’t have tentacles, they hunt. They move about a half foot per second — about 0.3 knots.

They will grow to about the size of a volley ball, and in some cases will end up being used by porpoise and dolphin just that way.

Volley Ball




One response to “Cannonball

  1. I had NO idea they would get that big. I find it interesting that they will bump into the dock, a boat or rock and just bounce off but they never bump into each other.

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