Reminders of Voracity

pskullUnless a fish or crab or jellyfish or ctenphore catches our eye, or the growth on the hull  or drooping  power cables demand our attention, it is easy to forget we are floating on life and death.

Because the marina is well away from significant human activity, land birds abound, mostly mockingbirds, catbirds, red-winged blackbirds and boat-tailed grackles. They all tend to be impudent, waiting until we are very few feet away before flitting. Marsh & seabirds are active as well. If it’s in our regional bird guide, there is a 75% chance we have seen it here. Pelicans aren’t as prolific around Brunswick as they are farther south and closer to the coast, but 12 docks down in the area where the sailing club sails and the fireworks were launched, a few dive for their dinner.

Pelicans can live up to thirty+ years, and it is mythic that they go blind from diving open-eyed into the water at speeds up to 50 mph+. However, we have had to rescue one from being ensnared in cast off mono-filament fishing line that was anchored in beach sand. [Watch those bills!] It happens enough one can see them standing on the beach as if waiting for a bus to oblivion. It’s just one of the ways they meet their end.

The bare skull (2 ft long) floating in the water is a testimony to how light their bones are and how temporary life is, and how we are floating above voracity.

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