A Few Tweaks Here and There, right

In the course of preparing for our next foray into the islands, the project list has been shrinking but one needs time-lapse photography to tell. Many of the tweaks are small things that we see and know need changing, but they don’t show up very well even though they can generate quite a sweat in the doing. The following pics provide project context and some of the results.

This is how one saws plastic pipe in the air conditioned boat when the heat index is 103 deg F on the dock — and stays married. [I’m convinced if the Maya had had PVC pipe, they would still rule Central America.]


The locker below the striped tea towel retains the heavier pots and pans, except offshore and when barefoot in the galley (wham bam, bruise). The added barrel bolt is an idea clone from Honey Ryder. [I love HDPE cutting boards. Many pieces of these do spacer and other duty around the boat.]

Projects002 Projects003 Canvas protects us from sun and rain and spray among other things. The blue shades are easier on the eyes and don’t show dirt, and the tans are cooler and less obtrusive. This led us to choose a two color schema for canvas items which has worked pretty well. The awning can make up to a 25 deg F difference in cabin roof temp.Projects007 The blue banded covers are for the life raft and dock line bin (other side) and the hatch covers. I made black fleece covers for the fenders. They last about 2 years and fade gracefully.Projects006We’ve have now replaced the degrading LifeSling cover to match, and it now has an overlapping top to reduce water intrusion and mildew. The bottom is open to facilitate the process.Projects005And this new canvas box framed with PVC provides storage for our seven (count ’em) halyards in a way that eliminates interference with the view forward. I still need to re-route some lines.Projects004So what has been done? Besides never-ending routine maintenance?

Remarked anchor rode. Redid Nav Station 12v accessory wiring. Added more velcro to dinghy chaps. Finished  off corners of Phifetex cover for dodger  opening, Added velcro to same. Made separate stowage slings for Phifertex curtains on enclosure. Changed the snaps on the enclosure door holders to route water outside (duh). Did the stuff in photos above. Redid the dinghy tackle with better line and different block reeving arrangement (wow, 7 year problem solved).

‘Bout finished, right?

Still have to find and remove leak in engine raw-water pump. Replace belt, impeller. Change coolant. change oil. Add transom mounted fuel filter/water separator on dinghy transom. Change out house water pump to see if that stops upstream pressure leak. Redo the bottom edge of the enclosure to reduce wee bitey beasties inshore and water intrusions offshore. Eliminate the rain leak through the connector-bimini zipper. Arrange better running light attachment on RIB. Clean and coat the teak. Clean and wax hull. Replace flag halyard. Add a starboard flag halyard. Find a solution to the rusty drip from the sump pump exterior drain fitting. Return the loud-hailer horn to horizontal. Have an extension rod for the cooker fabricated. Etc, etc, etc.


2 responses to “A Few Tweaks Here and There, right

  1. moondance38

    I’m exhausted just reading your list!

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