New Crew Member

IMG_0027Cooking aboard takes a surprising amount of time even with a microwave, pressure cooker, gimbaled oven and a few more pre-prepared items than we used ashore. And of course there is dishwashing !&*^#^%#^. We now have a new crew member to help with the cooking.

Last month we were at the Navy submarine base south of here to buy some tour tickets, and we stopped at the Exchange to see what was what. Lo and behold, a four-quart Crockpot® on sale for $14.99 whispered, “I wanna go cruising,” as we walked past it.  (The checker actually asked if we wanted to buy an extended warranty! His trainer was standing there.)

We used our large (and automatic) Crockpot a lot living ashore because we like stews and soups and sauces and gravies and moles that take a while to develop their flavors.  This one will be used to make end of day meals less of a chore. It draws little enough running it while underway via the inverter with the engine running works fine. At 14 inches ear-to-ear, it can sit diagonally in the sink.

Last night’s Chicken Catchitorre with farfalle was proof we had reliable new galley crew.

And to make life even easier, we now have a commercial kitchen floor pad to make the Crockpot reduced standing in the galley less taxing.IMG_0033

2 responses to “New Crew Member

  1. moondance38

    Looks like a great addition to the crew. You should give it a name (Stewie?). We just bought an adapter in Radio Shack for 5 bucks and she asked if we wanted a service policy. Seriously?

    • Hmmm, we had thought about Yoda (sits there and fumes) may have to rethink. Wonder how long it will be before someone decides to sell an “extra week of freshness guarantee” at the supermarket.

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