Cooked to Order

HungryWe admit it. We have been known to shop for sustenance at fast food dispensaries. But we prefer to experiment with their predecessors, the little places where people are emotionally invested — the staff in the customers and the customers in the food. Some of these investments don’t turn out so hot — like high-rise residential real estate in Chinese cities. For those we carry antacids.

MenuBut some turn out like Hungry Hannah’s. Simple food (it won’t ever be on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives) prepared well.  The online menu wasn’t put there by the cafe, and it is incorrect. So I provided one — click it for a ~readable version.

CityHallCity Hall, the Courthouse, The Post Office and the little shops just surviving along Newcastle and Gloucester provide most of the clientele…and folks like us, travelers who appreciate it when the manager comes over to the table and sincerely asks about serving size and flavor — and says. “see you next time,” as we step out into the 105° F heat with our free iced tea refills.

If you are in Brunswick and need a simple, tasty meal, try Hungry Hannah’s. They are open till 3 p.m. M-F  606 Gloucester St., Brunswick, GA 31520

(912) 265-8108

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