School’s In (the shade)

ShadedYesterday, I cleaned the air conditioner cooling water filter again. We are talking serious scuzz here folks. Imagine pureed canned spinach but a little yellower and smelling of slightly off cabbage. I did this 30 days ago, and we were gone for a week of that time and the filter basket was 1/3 full, and the clear walls of the one liter filter unit were completely covered. This kind of plant activity takes the oxygen from the water. Water that, at three feet below the surface, is 84 degrees. These shade seeking mullet are stressed. At any given time we can see two to three generations of these swimming in various spots in the marina.

When I was a Second Lieutenant, we lived just off the Banana River, and my best (AF) friend lived on it. He made his own mullet net, and we would go out casting. He came up with a dry rub for them, and he smoked them (in the culinary sense). Man that was good eating. These here, not so much I’m thinking.

One response to “School’s In (the shade)

  1. We have had quite a few schools around our boat lately as well. They loved hanging out under the dinghy while it was in the water.

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