“Living with the Land”

NASA Photo

NASA Graphic

“Let us remember as we chase our dreams into the stars that our first responsibility is to our earth, to our children, to ourselves. [Yes, let us dream, and let us pursue those dreams, but let us also preserve the fragile world we inhabit.]” George H. W. Bush, 1989

We saw the pre-bracket quote above while queuing for “Living with the Land” at Epcot. The bracketed part was supplied by NASA.

While there is so much attention paid to Mars, it is important to understand some of the programs that give us a chance to be better stewards of this planet (and to be less affected by planetary realities — e.g., hurricanes) are in fiscal difficulty.

I had the good fortune, for several years, to distribute awards and grants to some of the intellectual leaders of this effort. What they have done is spectacular…and largely unheralded. Take some time to learn a bit more Here.

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