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We were glad to see squadrons [Oops, it’s a “cluster” or a “flight.”] of dragonflies feasting on the mosquito outbreak when we returned from Disney. Nature at work. But by mid day they have sought out the shade like most right thinking animals around here. (These large, OK, huge, Gallinipper mosquitoes are not right thinking.)

This morning I had occasion to take an earlier walk than usual, and they were out in force. As I walked down the sidewalk under a tree I encountered a cobweb and in pulling myself lose from it, I felt the spider land on my back and start crawling up my neck. Then something softly buzzing brushed across the back of my neck and no more spider!

Seems the dragonflies are equal opportunity predators…or just getting even.

2 responses to “Dragonflies

  1. Is there a dragonfly store where I can buy a….swarm? Squadron? Flock? A whole bunch? I need them since Deet isn’t working. Do they eat No See Ems?

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