Subtle Messages from NEXRAD

Frame One

Notice the high speed cell “G8” and the squall structure trailing SSW.

We had a heavy set of thunder and rain roll through today. The wind here wasn’t much, but some folks to the south could have had a bit more than wanted. The following frames cover 24 minutes. They show a downburst and associated wet and dry squalls well away from the apparent center of action.

Frame Two

24 minutes later, G8 has had its speed cut in half and the squall has moved west, but more is going on.

Frame Overlay Two

What Frame one didn’t show was the downdraft (associated with the rain just W of Cumberland Island).area producing the squall and about to retard cell G8.

Frame Overlay Three

Here one can see the blowout effect. Folks sailing along shore and in the ICW got a surprise if they thought they needed rain to have wind (the atmospheric kind).

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