Moving up in the World

WSGWhen Sabrina from Honey Ryder blogged a picture of herself up a mast, “Aha” rang out aboard Brilliant Star. Janet was game, but I didn’t want her going up with injured feet. We needed a second flag halyard block installed at the first spreader and the loud-hailer horn brought back up to level and tightened. We asked if she was available for another trip.

She said, “Sure!” We said, “Ahhh.”


This morning we cranked her up our mast just before the day became really ugly from a humidity standpoint. Not only did she take care of the jobs at hand, she discovered the (sacrificial) protective cover on our radar cable had succumbed to UV exposure. We sent up the materials for a repair and away she went on that job.

By the time we lowered her, we all needed ice water and lunch…Hungry Hannahs’s here we come! Then on to the frozen yogurt place!

Thank you Sabrina and Tom! Your good karma grows.


New Block


Didn’t have to do it!

One to crank and one to manage safety line.

One to crank and one to manage safety line.

One response to “Moving up in the World

  1. I like that…good karma.

    s/v Honey Ryder Caliber 40 LRC

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