The 80% Solution

80pcbagI learned long, long ago there are tools that should never be beyond reach, tools that are reached for most of the time and tools that one hardly ever touches, and storing them in the same place doubles the length of most jobs.

So we have the 80% Bag. It’s a repurposed shaving kit purchased for too much money at a Colorado Resort. It holds the 20% of our tools associated with 80% of the things that need doing aboard (Boat Tailoring/Electronics excepted). The side pocket has 5×8 index cards and a pen for remembering measurements. It weighs in at around 4 pounds and is kept in the foot-well of the nav station where we can find it by feel in a black out.

The other 160 lbs of tools used in the few remaining tasks are stored amidships halfway between bow and stern. We have used every single tool aboard at some point in 39 years of cruising. However, it is possible some have not been used in 38 years!

The 80% bag seldom has to be zipped all the way open as the most frequently contentsused tools in it tend to lay in the top. The fab five of tool-dom being: a reversible palm drive screwdriver with reversible phillips/slot apex, a small crescent wrench. small needle nosed vise grips, diagonal cutters, and a bicyclist’s socket tool.

I have my Leatherman and SOG multitools but tend to reach for them only for a few weeks after watching a MacGyver re-run.

One response to “The 80% Solution

  1. We LOVE this idea and put our 20-80 bag together earlier this week. It works great! Thanks for the idea.

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