Mediterranean Cruise — The Ship

TheShip001We’ve sailed on Star Clipper once before — as part of her racing crew for the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta in 2006. We followed that up with a Barbados-St Lucia trip on her larger stable mate the Royal Clipper (a five masted, full rigged ship) in 2007. Then life intervened and it has taken us a while to get back aboard.

Star Clipper carries 140+ passengers in mega-yacht style. [In the last picture you will also see she is smaller than quite a few of the mega yachts in Monte Carlo.] As much of the cruise is spent under sail power alone as possible. It’s what the captain and crew love, and it’s what the passengers came for. The full days at sea (only one this time — Pilos to Taormina) harken to an era long past. And later we’ll post about a scratch race between us and the Royal off Costa Smerelda — talk about endorphins!

As a sailing ship, the Star Clipper is laid out in lots of small, easy to negotiate spaces but nothing feels cramped, because only a few steps away all outdoors awaits. Of course it helps to live on a sailboat, as many of our reactions to sailing motion are automatic, and we are used to eating at an angle.

The bridge, including the wheelhouse, is open to the passengers almost 24/7. Only docking and anchoring are restricted times. And because of her size, compared to the floating malls, she can get into harbors they simply can’t.

Please enjoy the photos. Click on the first to scroll through.

3 responses to “Mediterranean Cruise — The Ship

  1. Nice looking ship.
    s/v Honey Ryder Caliber 40 LRC

  2. Wow looks like an exciting trip! The ship looks wonderful inside. We have met her before in the Caribbean but not seen the interior shots!

    Distant Shores II

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