Mediterranean Cruise — Pilos

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I’ve known about Pylos, Greece for a long time — but I didn’t know I did. I knew it from the 1827 Battle of Navarino. (War for Greek Independence). This was the last major naval battle fought entirely by ships under sail.


Naval Battle of Navarino by Garneray

The Ottoman Empire’s Mediterranean fleet was all but obliterated. There is an obelisk in the town plaza commemorating the battle. It is surrounded by cafes and shops. It was before siesta and lively.


We had hoped to go to the “Palace of Nestor,” a dig dating back to the Mycenaean era, but it was closed. So, we spent most of our time just wandering. We wandered out to the fortress (the Neocastro), the site of which arguably dates back to the Peloponnesian Wars given the Athenians fortified the point when driven ashore here (in Spartan territory) by a storm. Out-numbered at the outset, the Athenians won because they were reinforced and captured all the Spartan ruling class warriors who had come south to teach those Athenians a thing or two. This left Sparta with essentially no military leadership, and they sued for peace with great alacrity. Today the graffiti artists have won, and the place is littered with trash.

We wandered around the town square, but the ship fed us so well, it was hard to think in terms of eating anything, and we had an early departure for Sicily planned. We found the post office with a shopkeeper’s help — important because this was the last stop in Greece.

After dinner our team, “Windpower,” won the Pictionary competition over “Losers and Stupids” (yes, the name they chose for themselves). No surprise there… [We did it again as “Windpower.2” later in the voyage.]

Please enjoy the photos. Click on first one to scroll.

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