Mediterranean Cruise — Ponza & Palmarola

Click for Detail

Click for Detail

Ponza was peaceful, Sunday peaceful. Acapella hymns drifted down through the narrow streets. A few folks sipped espresso. Very few shops were open. It was calm, except for the woman who insisted on taking us on a “giro” to see the island.

One happy boy...and papa

One happy boy…and papa

At the far end of our walk a ragazzino was learning to ride a bike for the first time. We added our applause and bravissimo to his parent’s shouts of happy encouragement. The boy’s smile could have been that light at the end of the tunnel. The Roman tunnel to the best beach was closed. Our departure was entertained by the arrival of a large ferry that pirouetted like one of Fantasia’s hippos. Here, ormeggiatori controlled the dockside operations (and mooring).

Back aboard and anchor weighed, we motored up to Palmarola in zero wind for  ship photo ops and diving outings. The divers commented on the stiff currents and the jellyfish. One diver got “pretty b****y well stung up” (commented a Brit). It made for a relaxing afternoon if you weren’t that diver. We departed with the sun.

We liked Ponza, we could imagine relaxing here for a few weeks…

Please enjoy the photos. Photos without captions don’t really need them. Click on first one to scroll..

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