We Can Smell Departure on the Breeze


Looking Forward To This, 8 Feet of Water, Good Marly (not Marley) Bottom

Not quite done with the Med postings, but before long, this keyboard work will have to take a backseat to serious (more than one thing a day) departure prep.

We returned from the trip to Virginia (started in late September to repair our rental house) via the Med, (with still more work on the house when we returned) via Louisiana to visit friends, via Central Texas to visit family, via North Texas to visit family, via Southeast Texas to attend a nephew’s wedding, via East Texas to visit family, a nice museum, and a superb fish hatchery*, via Northwest Florida to visit friends. We returned to two months of bird poop that had to be cleaned off immediately in 40 deg F and gusty winds for a visit from Northeast Florida friends.

Then there was the excellent pot luck Thanksgiving supper with 80-100 marina denizens with roughly the same goals — head South — some as close as Florida, others toward Australia. Many were at this marina for the first time, and it was the first use of the beautiful new clubhouse. Janet made her great olive-pecan phyllo cups [Olive Cups] and a new cranberry-pecan rice pilau recipe [Cranberry-Pecan Pilau] that will now be a standard.

Of course, the house water pump failed completely while Janet was cooking the pot luck goodies and a breakfast casserole! [Crouton Breakfast Casserole]

  • Fortunately, we had a spare aboard.
  • Unfortunately, everything had to come out of the seat locker to do the change out, and everything had to come out of an interior locker to get to the spare. (At least I knew where it was…not always the case in the past.)
  • Fortunately, the battery charger cooling fan was operating and it was possible to imagine I was warm while doing the relative quick switch.
  • Unfortunately, this meant I missed out on sampling.

Hope this pump lasts eight years too, but I ordered another spare — and more spares for other stuff.

We have to finish the sale of our house before we can comfortably leave the U.S., so we have time to do the necessary preps with only one major job — replacing the leaking water pump on the engine. The rest is routine get ready to go stuff, including another round of bird poop removal; too bad we can’t turn the stuff into electricity. (I decided a photo would not be appropriate for the season.)

*The Hatchery manager, Reese Sparrow, gave us one of the best facility tours I/we have ever taken. He is truly part of the place, having overseen its creation from the inception. The time he devoted to explaining fish reproductive biology was worth a semester credit! The pictures don’t do it justice.

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  1. Janet
    Recipes sounds yummy

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