Baking Day, Buying Days, Bunkering Day

KKA cold front came through Saturday night with mucho rain, both cleansing and soothing. Knowing about an inch of rain (1.2 inches in just a few hours) was coming, I sprayed all the bird poop on the fiberglass with Krud Kutter and let it sit. When I went on deck after the rain (around noon the next day) the boat topsides were pretty much clean. So was the boat bottom, as Lee and his partner came by on Saturday (precisely on time, again) to scrub the bottom and replace the principal zinc. [IT’S COLD WATER NOW!].

But for Janet, Sunday was Baking Day and to avoid interruption we switched propane tanks, as the one filled six months ago weighed in at less than a half pound left (5%) when I checked it with our travelers’ hook-style luggage scale.

goodiesShe started with Snowball Cookies, then Bacon Dates, then Spinach Balls, then Cheese Rounds, then Kathy’s Olive Cups (frozen L-Os from T’Giving). We had planned on Shrimp Pad Thai for dinner, but we snacked into not doing that. Enjoy the recipes.

The major boat jobs are done. We broke provisioning into four trips. Non-edibles, non-perishables, perishables, and hard to find stuff. Five months of non-edibles-perishables have been stowed, as have enough perishables to get us to the last larder lading in Fort Pierce where we will also haul out for some minor maintenance — and maybe a hull paint — though Lee said he thought we had another winter season left in this paint. And he sees a lot of bottoms — boat bottoms.

Monday, because of the weekend rain, there was such a queue for the wonderful marina laundry, Janet went to a local laundromat while I ran miscellaneous errands all focused on storing the car and sailing away. One thing about Brunswick, things are close enough together one can get a lot done without a lot of driving — for instance there was a government USPS sub-station in the express lube place I went for the car’s oil change. Bingo, the C-Map chip is on its way back to Mashpee! It also helps that I have made a few wrong turns here — I learned the real short cuts in the process of getting myself back on track. We’ve also found the lowest fee ATMs, and have discovered there are just some things/brands we are used to that aren’t sold here. [And there are some things disappearing from the market place — chewable Imodium tablet sources anyone?]



We had planned to bunker (take on fuel) today and leave tomorrow. But for weather window reasons, waiting another day seems best. We don’t like navigating the ICW in the rain; visibility is just too restricted, and we only have RIH wipers (Rag In Hand), so we are timing things so we can wait out the next wet Nor’easter in Jacksonville Beach in a familiar marina for Christmas.

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