Houston, We have Conch Fritters!


Two gone and the Aoili was good too!

Conch Fritters tell us we are on final approach to the Bahamas. [Yes we can get them farther north, but there, they are imported cuisine.] Last night, at Nippers Beach Grille  we had a plate of five that were well above the median. We followed them with a fish and shrimp platter (J) and blackened salmon served on a layer of sweetened collard greens that had been sauced with gumbo before plating the salmon on them (C). I asked for the Cuban black beans in lieu of pilaf.

HappyHolidaysThis was an excellent meal. While the salmon was blackened, it was almost lacquered from near perfect carmelization. (Though I like mine a tad more medium in the center, this was cooked very nicely.) The blackening spices and the sweetness of the collard greens played off one another well. The gumbo flavor got a little lost as it was subtle sandwiched between strong. When I scooped some out to taste individually, I would have been happy to have a cup of it.  The beans were delicious and generously portioned, enough so we took them home along with half of Janet’s entree. This was at happy hour (which reduced the fritter$ too), and we had a 10% discount because we were staying in the marina, so not only was this delicious, it was an exceptional value with exceptional service.

TheNippersViewNow the warning: Nipper’s has polished concrete floors and floor to ceiling glass walls, and can get quite LOUD. Eat early, as we did, or outside, weather permitting — if you want to carry on a conversation.

Before dinner we had the pleasure of meeting Craig and Lisa Rosindale of s/v “Second Spree.” They are liveaboards from Havre de Grace with season plans very similar to ours. We’ve added their blog link to our short list.

2 responses to “Houston, We have Conch Fritters!

  1. Why does it look like Janet is holding you down in the pic? I think she is worried you are going to take the last fritter! Ha!

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