Managing Google+ Emails

mysterymailYesterday, Google announced a new feature. Anyone on Google+ can e-mail other g+ users without knowing their Gmail address. When you respond to such an e-mail, your address is revealed.

This is more  of a traffic management problem than a privacy issue. As cruisers, we don’t need unsolicited emails as some WiFi, when found, is not particularly “Fi” and satellite data-link benefits from as little data as necessary.  “Unsubscribe” gets quite a workout with us. Here’s how to manage this new feature.

  1. Open Gmail. Click on the gear icon and select “Settings.”
  2. Under Settings’ “General” tab look for “Email via Google+” (tenth category down)
  3. Click the dropdown menu next to “Who can email you via your Google+ profile?” Make a choice then click: Anyone on Google+ or Extended Circles or Circles, or No One.
  4. Save Changes. easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy

Derived from CNET, Lance Whitney January 10, 2014 5:37 AM PST

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