LED There Be Light?

byebyebebiThroughout this site, and over the years, we have promoted Bebi-Electronics — especially their 18 LED Beka Kaukaua  anchor light.  We liked it because it was a superb anchor light that also illuminated the deck, making the extent of the boat easier to determine.

Sadly, politics in Fiji have driven them out of business. We haven’t needed a new light (they were so well  made), but the The FrankenBebiTM Project appears to be well on its way to creating a successor light based on improvements in the same design principles.

5 responses to “LED There Be Light?

  1. Oops, White Sound is 8-10+ once past the 6 foot spot near the channel entrance.

  2. Chuck Gleason

    We’re in Titusville, and heading south to or toward Vero tomorrow.
    Maybe we’ll catch up with you! We wondered where you stay in Green Turtle Cay? Especially curious about depths entering mooring areas. Thanks. Chuck & Maryanne

    • Hi guys,
      We are at Loggerhead Marina in Vero. Don’t know how long. Waiting for a paperwork SNAFU to get sorted out before heading for the Bahamas. There was no room at the city marina, nor in Fort Pierce. This is a very nice place.
      Green Turtle. We used to anchor in White Sound or stay at the Green Turtle Club. Now we just stay at the Club. (they have an eat your slip fee deal which makes it pretty inexpensive, and they have a good kitchen. Water and electric are metered. Year before last we almost got hit by a dragging boat and dragged a bit ourselves. We got rid of our Delta 55 and bought a 55 Spade. Last year we got hit by a dragging BIG catamaran — no damage. Once we got untangled, we tied him alongside, and our anchor held us both without a problem. Bottom is thick turtle grass, and face it, a lot of folks are sloppy about anchoring. Bluff House has a similar deal, but we are told it is noisy and bouncy. We anchor outside off New Plymouth until 2/3 tide rising and then just keep to the center of the channel. It is well buoyed (or was last year). We also anchor off Nunjack (Munjack, Manjack) to wait to enter as there is a fair amount of small ferry traffic off New Plymouth and the entrance to White Sound. Look forward to seeing you. Chris&Janet

      • Chuck Gleason

        Thanks so much! When do you think you’ll cross? We’ve been battling bronchitis and have had to move at a much slower pace than expected. We’re thinking of a Lake Worth to West End trip early next week. Maybe we’ll intersect. Please keep us posted. We’ll let you know when we get to Vero. — Maryanne & Chuck

      • No idea when we’ll cross. The government is telling me it could be late February before they finish a job that should have taken about ten minutes five weeks ago when I started the process. Then I have to take the information they provide to another government office [they can’t communicate directly] for them to process. Right now, the Gulf Stream forecast is bad through the 24th based on two weeks of West Palm weather information, so we aren’t even thinking about crossing. Que Sera, Sera.

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